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iCal Import/Export CalDAV Pro

3.34 usd

Please try the free app before buying, if you like the features buy the pro version,features are exactly the same, except the planned import/export, so if something won't work in the free version, it also won't work in the pro versioniCal Import/Export CalDAV 3.0is the ultimative import/export/sync app for your android calendar with first class support for everyone.See always what's happening, nothing is hidden from the user.
Feature overviewImport, export, sync, transfer, archive, calendar editing, deleting, changing, a very cool Widget, and much more!
Import/ExportYou can import and export from various sources and to various destinations:★WebDAV★Ftp★Websites★Internal/external storage★Email
Create, edit or delete android calendars
Pro Features(In free version 14 days testable after first start)
Scheduled Import/ExportPlan your imports and exports and run them in specific intervals.You can also limit planned operations to a specific WLAN.
CalDAV Android 4.0 and above, events onlyState of the art CalDAV implementation, featuring WebDAV Sync.You can also limit the synchronization to a specific WLAN.★iCloud★fruux★owncloud★baikal★Posteo★Gmx★★Synology★Most SabreDAV based servers★Many others, but they are not tested★No support of, memotoo and YahooMore CalDAV information:
Extra Features★Transfer calendars★Purge calendars★Archive calendars
WidgetMonitor planned imports/exports and caldav directly on your homescreen, try it out!
Used permissionsNO permission is used for a purpose other than the operations choosen by the user! There are no ads, no tracking or any other data stealing, this is why you won't find a privacy policy.You can find an exact explanation for all permissions here:
Thanks to:★ for the parser/interpreter★ and for the WebDAV implementation★ for the color picker
You always want the most recent features?Open betatest: